Upper Crust Pie & Bakery - Lafayette Village.8450 Honeycutt Road.Suite 106.Raleigh.NC.27615
Thank you for visiting us here at The Upper Crust Pie & Bakery. We appreciate that you are considering us for your cake, pie and sweet treat needs.
Here at Upper Crust Pie & Bakery we are pleased to offer you wedding cakes/pies, special occasion cakes/pies, specialty custom cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes and much more. We also offer a wide rang of pastries, brownies, cookies and many other tasty treats on a daily basis. We can create special desserts at your request- wonderful cheesecakes, linzer tarts, scones
and other taste sensations

Artist of the Month-
Kevin Bass

Born and raised in North Carolina, Kevin had the pleasure of being close to the mountains and the coast, which gave him the opportunity to explore different landscapes and surroundings. Kevin's work is deeply influenced by mountains, flower growing on a hillside or in garden, and by the waves as they crash on the shore. He soaks up that visual information and then transfers those thoughts, feelings and images to his canvas. Many of Kevin's professors have influenced him and his work; Gary Nemcosky, Cliff Stuckey, and Denise Baker, to name a few,encouraged Kevin to continue painting and explore his art. Other artists, such as Bob Rankin and Dan Nelson have also been instrumental in helping Kevin find his own voice. 

Friday January 16th
We will be closing at 4pm 
for a catering event. 

Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Baby or Bridal Shower Cakes

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